8 Ways To Use Your VA During COVID

8 Ways To Use Your VA During COVID

The first reaction for many business owners during these uncertain times is to reduce costs, understandably, if there is a reduction in the money coming in, then you need to reduce the money going out – simple.

I have spoken to many business owners over the last few weeks that have all taken quite different approaches on how they are handling the situation. Some have completely stopped all outgoings and brought a halt to their business operations, some have reduced the amount of work they are doing, some have analysed the situation and steered their business into a slightly new direction and some are still have their foot firmly on the gas and it is business as usual.

If you already work with a Virtual Assistant and have been wondering if this is a necessary expense now, please consider the following before dropping them like a hot potato:

1. Ask your Virtual Assistant how they can help you through this economic crisis. Many VA’s have a wealth of knowledge and experience in business and might just have that great idea that you did not think of yourself.

2. Your VA can help you promote and market your business ready for when your back in business?

3. Your VA is still available to handle your mailbox and incoming calls. Just because the nation is in lock down, enquiries still come in. If you have someone available to pick those enquiries up, the chances are you will win the business. Whether you win it now or later, you still win.
4. Can your VA make calls on your behalf to agree longer payment terms with your suppliers? You may be a business owner, but you have personal life too – you don’t have to deal with everything on your own.

5. Your VA can work alongside you implementing new processes and systems now so you are ready to hit the ground running when this lock down is over. It may be hard to imagine how your business is going to look but didn’t you start from nothing once before? If you have to do it again, you can do it with confidence.

6. Your VA is highly experienced in working remotely. Ask them for their advice on how to get the best out of an individual or team while working remotely is the only choice.

7. If you have been considering giving your business brand a face lift, now is the time to do it. Your VA can help you freshen up your website and update your social media. Staying visible to your current and new customers is vital in a time like this. Don’t let people forget about you!

8. If your Virtual Assistant forms part of your bigger team and you are conducting regular video conference calls such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, ask them to organise them for you. Lean on your VA as you normally would.

There is no denying that this is a testing time, working together and leaning on each other for support has never been more important. We will make it through the other side, we have to. Your Virtual Assistant was an integral part of your business before the COVID-19 outbreak and that does not need to change.

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