A virtual world – how will it work in your business?

A virtual world – how will it work in your business?

Post 2020 is there anything that can’t be done virtually?

Before the dreaded coronavirus, I really had to explain in depth to people what I did and how I did it. Many people used to ask “How does that work?” It seemed alien that businesses would hire a ‘stranger’ to take care of their admin. Not to mention that ‘stranger’ wasn’t even sat in the same building as the rest of the team.

Fast forward to March 2020 and beyond, the word virtual which was much less common before this outbreak but is now appearing as a prefix to almost anything you can think of to describe a previous physical activity now being delivered by electronic means. Virtual reality no longer seems so virtual! Having a team sat in the same room or even building is a distant memory and guess what, businesses have learnt to adapt and have continued to operate.

A majority of my clients work in the field and are not based in an office. Most of them don’t even have an office so having a virtual assistant on hand is the perfect solution for them. Some do have an office but have chosen to use a VA over employing someone in-house because that fits better in their business. You might be asking questions about how you would work with a Virtual Assistant, let me try and help:

How do we communicate?
How do we build a relationship when we’ve never met?
How often do we talk or meet?
How does it all work?

All of these questions are great, let me give you some answers;


How do we communicate?

Mainly via WhatsApp, either written messages or for those that are always on the go, voice notes are a hit! Voice notes aren’t my favorite in all honesty. It’s impossible to search for a piece of information if it’s been given in a voice note but if that’s what the client prefers, that’s fine by me, that is what Asana is for.

The office based clients use they preferred method of internal communication, whether it be Microsoft Teams, Slack, email etc. I’m happy to use whatever works for you.

Pick up the phone if you prefer or arrange a video call with me, I love a good catch up! Not for too long though!


How do we build a relationship when we’ve never met?

Easy! Communication, that’s all. The more we communicate, the stronger our relationship becomes. The more you involve me in your business, the more involved I become. The more I understand you and your business, the more ideas I have of how I can help support you in your day-to-day.


How often do we talk/meet?

I meet with 50% of my clients by video call on a weekly basis. I’m involved in team meetings, 1:1’s and high level meetings at least 3 days a week.

Some clients prefer a weekly catch up, some prefer monthly, some just want to me get on with their work and only get in touch when they really need to.


How does it all work?

Very simply actually, and I will guide you every step of the way. After our initial discover call (BOOK YOURS HERE) and at the start of your journey with me, we will have already agreed the tasks that you want me to take care of.

I will have received log in’s for any software that I need to access, you will have given me a brief of ‘where your at’ with the tasks you are handing over or you will have given me

Then, I get to work!

Being virtual doesn’t mean I don’t exist or that I am figment of your imagination. Far from it!

If you are still unsure of how a Virtual Assistant would work in your business, read some of the reviews from a couple of my clients, or check out my Trust Pilot reviews here. You can see first hand how I have helped other businesses lighten their admin load.

Still got questions you need answering? No problem, contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!


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