Reviews. Why are they so important?

How many times have you done a good job for one of your customers and they’ve said “thanks, you’ve done a great job”, plenty I bet! How did that make you feel? You have more than likely got your Google listing and Facebook page already set up. If not, why not? Wouldn’t it be great […]

A virtual world – how will it work in your business?

Post 2020 is there anything that can’t be done virtually? Before the dreaded coronavirus, I really had to explain in depth to people what I did and how I did it. Many people used to ask “How does that work?” It seemed alien that businesses would hire a ‘stranger’ to take care of their admin. […]

The VA/Electrician journey to find a system that works

Road with hills

  If you are a trades business you need to read this!   18 months ago I signed my first client, Absolute Electrical Lincoln Ltd Before Andy started using my services, he kept his diary and ‘things to do’ in a big A4 diary. I remember the day I met him and he whipped it […]