Client Success Stories

Absolute Electrical Lincoln Ltd

Andy contacted me after he saw my advert on social media. He had been running his business alone with help from his wife. They have a young family and very rarely had the chance to spend evenings and weekends together as there was always some kind of admin that needed doing.

After the initial enquiry, Andy and I had a long chat, I will never forget his words “I know I need help but I don’t know what with”. We established that the main areas of concern for him were the backlog of paperwork that wasn’t getting dealt with, an overloaded mailbox and the lack of customer service that his new and existing clients were receiving.

We agreed a plan to get started and Andy instantly felt the relief. His backlog of unreconciled bank transactions were cleared, unpaid invoices were getting paid, new enquiries were being dealt with efficiently and effectively, quotes were being followed up and the day to day running of the business became seamless.

Andy is now able to concentrate on moving his business forward and spending that all-important time with his family.

As soon as TOTAL PA started for my company I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. Fiona has taken on everything I have thrown at her, sorted paperwork that I would have not got round to for months. My customers are happier, they get a better service all round. I have always known that I need extra support on the admin side, but have always worried I cant afford it, now I cant afford not to. 

Thank you TOTAL PA.

Andy Moore

We connected with Fiona after a bad experience with our previous virtual PA who left us with a backlog of diverse tasks. I’m very happy to say that Fiona quickly put our mind at rest! She helps me and the broader hx team with a variety of tasks and is positive, flexible, and energetic in the face of anything we throw at her.

She’s a valuable part of our team now!



Amrit and team hx have used Virtual Assistants in the past through Time Etc. They found themselves left in a situation when a previous VA had let them down. We were connected through Time Etc and after an initial call where Amrit explained the set up of the business, it was clear that the level of activity within the hx team needed a lot of care, attention, and skill. They run an extremely fast paced operation with various complex diaries that need managing on a daily, if not hourly basis.

Amrit needed someone he could have regular contact with and that was going to take the time to understand his way of working and communicate well with the internal team and external clients.

I stepped in and took the time to study the diary system to give myself a clear understanding of what needed to be done. I picked up with clients that had slipped through the net and started the balls bouncing again, securing meetings and calls in the diary and ensuring that everyone that needed to be the loop was in the loop.

Amrit now has the confidence that if something arrives in my inbox it gets dealt with almost immediately. Any information that needs to get from A to B gets there and he can concentrate his time on planning the future of hx, securing new clients and winning business.

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