Why my habits, health and nutrition are important to me, my business and my clients

Why my habits, health and nutrition are important to me, my business and my clients

I’ve always struggled with my weight and health but I finally feel like I’ve turned a corner and made some lifestyle changes that will stay with me forever.

At 5’1” I’ve been a size 24 and a size 10. For 20 years I’ve suffered with ulcerative colitis and have constantly tried to find natural solutions that will keep my condition under control, the alternative is taking 16 tablets a day.

In July 2020 I decided to cut meat out of my diet, I’ve never been a fan. Next to go was dairy, for no other reason than I’d read it wasn’t that great for your gut and suffering with UC, I was willing to give anything a go. That was hard, I loved cheese! The dairy free alternatives aren’t that bad and I’ve switched with ease to plant based products.

I saw an improvement with my UC quite quickly so happy days!

Alcohol was still lingering around (every night of the week) and my weight was still a higher number than I was comfortable with. The 6 aerobic home work outs I was doing a week just weren’t working. I was skipping meals, eating late and not getting enough sleep.

I was waking up feeling groggy, most days I had zero energy and after lunch struggled to focus on the smallest of tasks. None of this was plain to see on the outside but it was all very real from the inside. Not good when you have clients that depend on you to deliver the goods. Something had to change. I was consumed by bad habits.

In January 2021, with the thought of turning 45 this year. I became very aware of my health, my bad habits and my nutrition so… While scrolling through my Instagram stories I came across Nikki Forbes Fitness . I knew Nikki from back home in a Lincoln.

The offer of a lockdown PT program was tempting so I took the plunge and contacted her. Little did I know at that point that I would completely submerge myself into a new life of good habits, health and nutrition!

4 months on and I have never felt better, my aerobics sessions have dropped to 1 a week with the other 5 days covered by strength training. My nutrition is consistent and with the help of my fitness pal, I track my macros daily, making sure my body has the fuel it needs to function, and function well. And, I’ve ditched the alcohol! I’ve shed 14kg and 49 inches!!!

I’m focused, energised and feel the best I have felt in years. I sleep for 7 hours solid a night and I’m always awake before 5am without the need for an alarm clock. My weight is getting to where I want it to be but more importantly I’m shrinking at a rate of knots!! Nicki has been such a huge support and with her advice and guidance, I now live a happy, healthy life that will stay for the long term.

So why is all this important and why do I care?

Neon Question Mark

My job is demanding, I have a bunch of clients that rely on me every day to support their business. If I’m not ‘in the zone’ I’m not delivering the level of service they expect.

My head needs to be straight, from the minute I log on to the minute I log off.

MY business needs me! My new lifestyle has given me the drive to focus on its growth and development. I’ve got so many plans for TOTAL PA.

Swapping bad habits and turning healthy habits into my lifestyle has done wonders for me and my business. I’m in the best place I’ve been for years, physically and mentally. I have a healthy body AND a healthy mind.

When I look back, I can clearly see I was only firing on half cylinders. Now I fire on all cylinders every day.




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7 Responses

  1. Well done Fi, you’re doing so well! You’ve always put 100% into everything you do so it doesn’t surprise me that you’re smashing it! x

  2. Amazing Fiona! You do us all proud here at Vaxinol. Well done and keep up the good work with it all, lots of love.

  3. I’m so pleased that you have found something that works for you. Your post is inspiring to others who have battled for years with bad habits. Sometimes it’s just about getting the right help, keeping it simple and being focused on your goals. Keep up the good work!

  4. Great and thought provoking read. You mention so many traits that we can all relate to. It’s inspiring to read about your personal struggles and achievements, hand in hand, the good, the bad and the ugly! Honest and uplifting. Will power, hard work and determination…. I need some of that! 🙂

  5. Always such an inspiration and someone to aspire to. You’ve worked so hard for what you’ve achieved and deserve every success.

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